Learn to Code

Let’s set an example for our girls

By starting with ourselves. What do you think of when your hear the words, “computer programmer”, “application developer”, or “web developer”? Most people will say a male, with a “nerdy” appearance and a love for computers and all things technological. Instead, why don’t we imagine a young lady, with feminine qualities, and a passion technological advances? Because that is how rare such a young lady is. However, we can change that! Today’s working professionals, mothers, and female college students all have the opportunity to help pave a way for women in programming. You can learn how to build and launch a beautiful and interactive website using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. You may choose to develop a useful Android application using Java! Develop software used for artificial intelligence using R, Python or MATLAB. Build a database for effective data analysis using SQL, Ruby On Rails, or C++. As women, when and if we choose to become the mothers of little girls, we will pass on our knowledge to them. Maybe you don’t have a daughter, or you don’t want to be a mother; you probably have a niece, a little sister, a friend’s daughter who looks up to you. Let’s set a new social norm: WOMEN AS PROGRAMMERS. After all, the mother of programming was a woman! Ada Lovelace would turn in her grave if she knew that only 1 in 4 women pursue computer science and programming! Let’s create an equal learning environment by engaging with the subject matter. Let’s act as mentors and be the female role-models our girls will look up to. Most importantly, let’s make it approachable by breaking the stereotype that only nerdy males can contribute to the realm of computer science and programming. Let’s get our little girls interested in computer science.

Check out these free and fun resources to learn a language of your choice:





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